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Build your entries as soon as you can

Avoid last minute stress

GIve yourself time to put your best work forward

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  • Preparation

    Prepare, then fill in one Entry Form per entry.
    You can enter many times, in any relevant category.
    Preferred Browsers are Chrome, or Firefox. Chrome on a Mac.
    Please don’t use Internet Explorer 9 or earlier!
    Please have details about designers, materials and description to hand. Ensure the judges cannot tell which company has entered.

  • Fill the Entry form, then build your Artboard..

    The Artboard software is where you will assemble your artwork. This is HTML5 based, so will now work on a computer and a tablet.Please have the photos of your work ready to upload. These need to be 2500 px on the shortest side. The software will accept smaller, but they may print blurry, and your judging will be affected. Winning entries are also published in the industry magazines, so thats why we need good quality originals. (see Tips for photographic methods).Graphical User Interface TipsArtboard Software (HTML5)Load your Photos using the flyout Menu on left side.( 2 Mb to 5 Mb. Bigger pictures may time out if you have a slow uplink)Drag Image to Move.Drag Handles to Resize.Drag outside to Rotate.DoubleClick (shows red border) drag handles to crop.Click to Bring to Front.Use Enhance Menu (right) to adjust image.

  • Uploading Images

    As you select the photos they are uploaded to the server.
    This takes time. Please be patient.

    The progress bar will cycle many times for a large picture.
    Once all your pictures are loaded and placed, use Menu/Submit.
    This will upload the finished artwork to the server.
    This also takes time. Please remain patient.
    Don’t refresh or leave the page.

    Once you press Submit the image will be compiled on your PC and uploaded to the server for printing.
    This is a final action, so please check your Entry carefull

  • Review your Entries

    Once complete you will be taken to Your Entries page where you can view your Entries and download them for your reference.
    Log out or make a new Entry.
    Log in anytime to see your list.

  • Enter many times

    You will be invoiced by mail
    for your total number of Entries.