Frequently Asked Questions


are the 2017 Awards?

6.00pm Saturday 6th May 2017


are the 2017 Awards?

Dunedin Town Hall Moray Pl

Where's that?

Dunedin, 9016

Entry Deadline
Entry Deadline - 5.00pm Saturday 4th of March 2016.


Does it cost anything to enter the awards?

Two levels of cost

One for members of the
New Zealand Signs and Display Association (NZSDA)
$20 plus GST

and a different rate
for those who are not
members of the NZSDA
$50 plus GST.

One fee per entry.

More than one category?

Can I enter more than one category of the Awards with the same work?


Providing the entry is eligible to enter in terms of the description of each category.
For instance;
an entry into the Traditional Handcrafted and Lettered Signs that has been carved may be eligible to enter into the category for Dimensional Signs.

Category list

Is a separate entry required

for each work entered if it is the same work to be entered into a different category?


A separate entry
is required for
each category
you wish to be
judged in


Entry form


Is the entry deadline flexible?

Entry Deadline

With the entries being compiled online,
the deadline must be adhered to.
Printing and judging have deadlines that must also be met and delays cannot be catered for.

5.00pm Saturday 4th of March 2017.

Will you tell me if I won?


You should be present

No notification. As part of the rules stipulate that you must either be present when the winners are announced or that you must have advised the convenor as to who your representative is on awards night, we do not contact those who are winning an award.
You need also to be aware that sign industry suppliers and sponsors cannot represent you on awards night.

6.00pm Saturday 6th May

Will my entry be displayed

even if I don’t win an award?


All entries will be displayed during the days prior to the announcement of the winning entries at a location near the awards dinner venue.

After the awards have been announced, all entries will be viewable on this website.


Where can I get an answer

to a different question?

Melissa Coutts